Here are some charts to help you know when we’re in a bear market.

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Here are some charts to help you know when we’re in a bear market.

Here are some charts to help you know when we're in a bear market.

I've noticed the question is popping up more and more, "how do we know when we're in a bear market?" or phrased another way, "is this bull run over?"

So, I'd like to share with you some charts that people here probably are not really aware of or view that often.

SMA 1458 days

The first one is the 'simple moving average' (SMA) over 4 years (1458 days). The reason it's here is because the SMA 1458 indicator has proven to be very accurate support for bitcoin price.

You can see above, if we go by the last run we still have some yellow-orange-red to get over. Best time to buy is when it touches the SMA 1458 line.

Stock to flow model

The 'Stock-to-flow' is a number that shows how many years, at the current production rate, are required to achieve the current stock. The higher the number, the higher the price.

You can read more about the model in the link after the chart, but one of the reasons this has been so accurate is because of Bitcoins 'halvening' feature.

Again, if you're a little slow, like me, just look at the colours (after yellow is bad, blue is good buy time)

Miner capitulation

This chart shows the last cycles side-by-side along with indicators for when there was halvening and then the blocks since difficulty bottom.

I like it because it gives you the runs next to each other to get a better idea (or better guess) 'where we are'

Beam indicator

This last one is for the degenerates here who like to short/long. This chart is a nice way to look at 'when' to buy (or long/short if you like that sort of thing)

There are a lot more indicators and charts, but these are the main ones I check in on every now and then to try and get an idea of 'where' we're at in the current run.

Source of charts is and of course, this is NOT financial advice.

These are just some different charts to look at to get a better idea of where we are since halvening, where we are compared to where we were last cycles, etc.

If you've got any others you like to use please share them with the rest of us, hope these help!

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