One world currency

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One world currency

Do not allow the title to fool you, it holds some merit but is not 100%.

For So long it has been spoken about that globalization is inevitable. It is said that a world currency would exist. In part, it is USD for the oil we buy. As we transition away from oil generally speaking and forms of petroleum will be grown and harvested naturally by plants creating carbon negative operations,

It is only fitting crypto currencies become the world currencies. Unbounded by country of origin. The world has needed a backed currency for so long especially such a solid and secured method of doing so.

A form of currency that does not need to rely on the trust of banks that creates huge credit bubbles and an unstable economy with false money floating around causing inflation at significant rates.

It is anti bank, it is extremely traceable down to every step of the way the breadcrumbs have been proven to reverse hack millions of dollars back into its origins, as unlikely as it is that would occur. Crypto currency’s are truly the future, and evolution. This is Darwinism in the market place. Do not believe anyone saying it is a crypto bubble, you will see more money flow into crypto exchange than you will any average stock in the coming years. Buy, hold, and continue to do so until you see this wealth transfer into your finger tips almost directly from banks and the world around you.

Crypto currency is tantamount to the creation of the internet and it has yet to gain streamline, mainstream, traction. In as little as a few years cryptos will terraform the world.

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