Ethereum 2.0 Questions

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Ethereum 2.0 Questions

So the biggest question is when is Ethereum 2.0 going to be fully released? I am not really worried about putting a 5 figure sum into staking. My issue is how long will this Ethereum be locked up for? I'm just thinking for worst case scenario and I need to become liquid fairly quickly. I've heard late 2021 and 2022 but with no more specificity. Has anyone heard anything more specific?

My second question is in regards to staking rewards. Do the rewards compound? Meaning, that the rewarded ETH added to your total means you get a slightly bigger reward next time based on the APR? Or are you only rewarded based on the initial amount of ETH you have staked? How does this change if you don't have enough ETH to be a sole validator or you're staking on an exchange?

Thanks in advance.

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