Arcade Game on RVN Blockchain – Crypto Eater

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Arcade Game on RVN Blockchain – Crypto Eater

Arcade Game on RVN Blockchain - Crypto Eater

Hi all, I've been hard at work making various RVN assets under the SYNTH token and today I released the first retro inspired token on SYNTH/ARCADE, this token displays an interactive arcade game NFT.

– 100% within the blockchain and IPFS

– 5 looping levels, unlimited score- RVN themed

– Free to play, you can have 3 play credits at once and these are renewed every 2 hours

– Local Highscore is saved

This was mostly a proof of concept, and once I've got a few more retro-inspired mini's out I hope to bring in some higher quality work and collaborations.

If anyone gives this a play and wants to post their high score below, I will send a Ravenium bar to the asset aware rvn wallet (Raven core!) of the highest scorer, only 350 Ravenium will ever exist:

Ravenium bar item –

The game –

The asset in the chain –

If you liked the game and want to see some of my other stuff please follow me on twitter

@ NiftySynth

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