Bitmain Reveals New Antminer E9 Ethereum Miner

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Bitmain Reveals New Antminer E9 Ethereum Miner

As the title says, Bitmain revealed their new Antminer for ETH. Here is the link of one article(sorry if someone already posted about this):

Bitmain Reveals New Antminer E9 Ethereum Miner, ASIC Device Commands 3 GH/s Hashrate – Mining Bitcoin News

While ASIC that is equivalent to around 25 rtx 3090s and 32 rtx 3080s is a huge deal, on the other hand I wonder what will this lead to. First of all miners love more using GPUs, because they could be sold easily at the end of the day. Second, with ETH planning to switch to PoS, this seems kinda weird to buy. Buying ASIC miner to miner for like 1-2 years doesnt seem like the best investment to me.

As much as I know they are specialized for ETH, buy I saw reddit posts about E3 being able to mine other Ethash coins like ETC with some updates or something(I aint sure what). This can also mean that those who end up purchasing E9 miners will also end up mining ETC after ETH moves to PoS, increasing Network Hashrate of ETC, where GPU miners wont have that much profability mining ETC, which opens coins like RVN or Conflux as a next potential coins.

Conflux doesnt support mining on AMD cards, and majority of people that are new to mining mine with new or used AMD Polaris GPUs, so RVN will kinda be only reasonable target (Ergo and Vertcoin are currently profitable, but they have much lower Market Cap and Network hashrate than RVN, so its harder to believe that those will be targeted by majority of miners).

While I dont know much about Conflux as a coin, I see multiple reasons why RVN would be adopted by miners, as it is much more that a shitcoin. I have strong hope and believe that this coin might end up even going up to 1$ at the end of the year(unless more unexpected things like Biden taxes happend.)

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