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What's the price of Dogecoin?

$0.26 or something?

A dog on a coin. A coin powered by a meme.

An idea that's essentially summarized into this: MEMES RULE.

You've seen it with safemoon and probably a dozen other currencies…

Well here's something better

Something that's 100% decentralized, community-driven, with no whales/major wallet holders, and a cute corgi back of it all.


We're going to take this little cute corgi astronaut to the moon, and then?

Well, who knows, maybe we'll get to mars with our future developments…

All holders are rewarded with 4% on each transaction, and 4% gets burned for good.

This means the price continually increases, and supply continually decreases.

Everyone who uses this coin has an incentive to spread it as much as possible, which means it'll go viral practically by itself.

Our suggestion: Ape in early while you can.

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