Morphic Studio – The First Decentralized Art Organization?

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Morphic Studio – The First Decentralized Art Organization?

Found a cool project in the works. Here's their description:

It’s a white canvas for anyone to draw on, with participants driven & incentivised to collaborate by the tokenomics of The Canvas. I see at as a version of Reddit place with a crypto-native design. In their own words, it's:

The purpose of The Canvas is to show that with the right incentives, communities are able to create high-quality art which others will be able to build on top of. Their long-term aim is to build solutions that

  • Enable large communities to trustlessly collaborate and share earnings on collaborative artwork
  • Earns artists a stable income, not having to live from project-to-project
  • Develop heuristics to determine the minimum value of an artwork

Some of the general use cases they are exploring:

  • Working together on an art piece, without having to know or trust your collaborators to sell the work and share the profits
  • Evidence “cost of creation” for NFTs. There’s a lot of discussion around the “true value” of NFTs today, and whilst this will probably always remain a point of discussion (similar with bitcoin), blockchains should help to establish a proof of work to arrive at a minimum price.
  • Seed investing in artists. Supporting artists even before the artworks are released, providing a more stable income to typically unstable profession

More info on the canvas:





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