2021 Bullrun isn’t over yet!

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2021 Bullrun isn’t over yet!

In the wake of recent dips across the board, I have picked up a lot of comments of people claiming that the market is soon going to crash like 2017/2018 again, because bitcoin dipped 20%.

Crypto is an inherently volatile market, 20% dips don't mean there is a crash, it's everyday business in crypto. I'm not saying I'm not worried, but it's too early for this bullrun to be over. We've seen the influx of Big companies and have a variety of exciting crypto projects to looks forward to this year. From Ethereum2.0 launch, expansion and revolution of the Defi space and Cardano tech/UNI/CAKE…

Stay strong guy, the best is yet to come!

Edit: thank you everybody for the input in the comments. Some good points you're making. And holy sh%t, massive thanks for the awards!

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