Windows update snafu. Hashrate is down 3MH/s

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Windows update snafu. Hashrate is down 3MH/s

I know I'm a bad person for using windows to mine. But it is my work computer and I need some software only available on windows…. so let's jump to the problem.

For two days straigth, I've been it by windows 10 automatic updates. I try to postpone updates as long as I can, but windows always find a way to reactivate updates at some point.

After many reboots and waits….. my computer finally became usable again. Sort of. My hashrate went for an average of 10-11 MH/s to 7 and something MH/s. Not pleasant at all.

I tried pin-pointing which update was the culprit, but none has the reported effect yet.

I checked every parameter of my overclocking and nothing has changed. (RX580. Yes, compute is enabled).

Just to be on the safe side, I re-downloaded TeamRedMiner and and used DDU and reinstalled AMD drivers. Nothing changed. Still stuck at low hashrate.

I'm at a loss. Anyone knows what happened ? My hardware configuration did not change for a year at least.

Thanks in advance.

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