Smart ways to advertise for Ravencoin

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Smart ways to advertise for Ravencoin

Let's try find out, what would be the best way to advertise our Lord and Saviour, the Raven.

I'd like to propose to post some serious ideas and discuss about them. If plans to advertise get more clear, we could try to setup a marketing fund to raise our Voice.

Market is crashing and we need to position ourselves as good as we can, as we don't have the backing of a Tech Billionaire or porn Stars.

We should do a severe target analysis, like wich age groups we want to target with what kind of informations about raven.

In a weeks time I'm trying to come up with a way I'd go about spreading the word of Raven and it's benefits. Talking to people I know raised at least a bit awareness. Anything positive is good!

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