Be careful this dip

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Be careful this dip

Buy the dip, for sure. Surprise crypto sale, yay! However, whenever I was considering transferring another chunk of money to put intro crypto after seeing a coin I believe in 15%-30% down, I started imagining my wife's face a few months or years when I tell her my student loans are paid off, or that we have a down payment for a house she wasn't aware of, or that we can buy a Tesla cash.

Beware! I started thinking of the Wolf of Wall Street, or any pump and dump movie about stocks… Those are the EXACT same lines the guys on the phone feed the mark. "You'll be a hero to your wife, think about it! She'll think she married a genius, etc.etc."

Well, my wife already respects me. She already loves me. Don't let it FOMO you, one small chunk at a time, into over investing. No one needs to say that crypto is a volatile market. Y'all know that. Just a reminder to stick with your strategy. I've already been weak and thrown in several times what I initially expected I would. It isn't hurting me yet, but I needed a self check, and the lines I was feeding myself were it.

Here's wishing you all lambos and mansions… But there's absolutely NOTHING wrong with paid-off toyotas and a modest 3-bedroom.

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