Much Needed Mindfulness During This Dip

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Much Needed Mindfulness During This Dip

Hey bud.

Take some deep breaths, nice and slow. Put your hands on something solid… Your desk or table or something like that.

Be right here for a minute. Just focus on your breathing.

I know things are a lot right now and this dip is scary, but also right now you're ok. Walk away from the charts for a while, enjoy your friends/family/pets and come back after a while. This shit happens all the time in crypto and we are still solidly in the midst of a bullrun. Give the whales time to shake out weak hands in order to scoop up more on discount. If you can buy the dip, if you can't buy the dip just hold and you'll be ok if you just have patience.

If you're panicking right now, maybe reconsider how much you have invested or what coins your invested in. This is a volitile space and your mental health is more important than some quick gains. Take care of yourself, stay hydrated, check your posture, and keep a big picture perspective.

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