I lurked the 4chan crypto board for 2 months, volume 2:

Cryptocurrency News and Public Mining Pools

I lurked the 4chan crypto board for 2 months, volume 2:

I strongly suggest checking my Previous thread first if you haven’t already, otherwise you will lack some much needed context.

Some of you liked my previous thread so much that you wanted another, this time I will follow up on topics I mentioned previously and also expand in some new areas, plus a little extra at the end since people liked the weirder stuff so much.

The most popular projects:

  • Ripple[XRP]: The ’cripple schizos’ are going strong, from discussions with some informational value to religious propaganda, occasional mentions of reptilians and grasping at straws attempts to connect ‘the breadcrumbs’ regarding possible relistings, there is always something to chew on in their threads. Their memes are great, their insane price predictions are ranging anywhere between 1k$ to 10k$ EOY and their conviction is off the chains…this cult simply has it all. Also, being mentioned first on my previous thread made some of them think that it’s a sign that they are ‘going to make it’.
  • Chainlink[LINK]: The ‘link marines’ are going through a rough phase. After being probably the best performing asset during the long bear market, link is possibly the worst performing asset from the top 50 in the recent bull market and all the 'filthy nolinkers'(people who don't own any link) make sure to remind them of their lost potential gains. On top of that, Sergey once again betrayed them. The long awaited staking is still not finished, despite being discussed since 2019, so the marines hoping to make passive income still aren’t able to. They suspect this is because Sergey is too fat to code. Despite this recent betrayal they are still loyal, their memes continue to be of the highest quality and there is no sign that the marines will be selling their stinky linkies anytime soon.
  • Bitcoin SV[BSV]: My favorite schizos have unfortunately become very rare, there were almost no threads in the last couple weeks. Ironically the only BSV schizos that popped out were on /biz/ threads about my first reddit thread. They went out of their way to inform everyone and especially me that there is NO irony regarding their belief that Craig Wright is the real Satoshi and that they are dead serious about everything I mentioned. They even doubled-down on their conspiracy theory that Tesla bought 1,5b worth of Bitcoin SV and not the actual bitcoin and supported it by ‘unusually high buying volume at that time’ and ‘the Hal Finney article’.
  • Rubic[RBC]: There is definitely a cult in the making here. Since the disappearance of my favorite schizos, the ‘rubic rangers’ or as they also call themselves ‘rubichads’ became my go-to destination when looking for entertainment. Their threads are tremendous memefests, going from high quality memes to heavy amounts of FUD, copypastas, reverse copypastas, obscure larping, discussions about 'the great cubening' and memesters informing everyone that ‘their rubic stays cubic’, these threads are always a delight to scroll through.
  • Monero[XMR]: The ‘XMR tax felons’ are a self-proclaimed ‘based privacy cult’. Whenever they are not worshipping ‘monero-chan’ or discussing their privacy on the internet, they focus on stuff like mining, technical fundamentals of monero and potential government regulations. Their memes are solid and their price predictions are surprisingly rational. They don't seem to care about short term gains as much.
  • Cardano[ADA]: Mostly negative consensus. Cardano threads are scarce but mostly disliked, and while it's often referred to as a 'ghostchain vaporwave', some people do seem to like Charles Hoskinson for his personality, calling him the 'most based CEO in crypto'.
  • Binance Coin[BNB]: Most often only mentioned during price movements and generally disliked due to it's centralization and often referred to as a 'ch**k scam', many anons threw their views out of the window the second it started mooning and have been very happy with the price development. There is definitely no loyal following here, however, they do like CZ and think of him as 'based'.
  • Ethereum[ETH]: The 'mETHeads' are a relatively small camp. Ethereum is also mostly only mentioned during price movements or in comparisons with the BSC, but they have a hilarious love and hate relationship with Vitalik, or as they like to call him 'the money skelly'.
  • Dogecoin[DOGE]: Almost identical situation to what was said previously about GME, they hate it…they hate it a lot. This coin is as much of a crypto representation of reddit as GME is the stock representation of reddit to them. One anon even went as far as to try to unite all the crypto camps and 'declare war' on reddit after doge became #5, saying that this 'clown market' will no longer be tolerated. I have no idea what that means.


  • Suicide stack and make-it stack: They often don’t use numeric value to measure numbers, but use various types of 'stacks' instead. Suicide stack has multiple definitions and not even they can come to a definitive conclusion as to what it actually means. Some say it is the minimum amount of coins one needs to own in order to not rope himself later when the coin moons, others say it is the amount of coins one needs to have in portfolio to make you want to commit suicide at some later date if you ended up losing it all before the coin moons during the bull market. Make-it stack is the amount of coins you need to have to 'make it' when the coin moons. The amount of coins these stacks contain changes over time as price changes.
  • FUD can be very bullish: As weird as it sounds, FUD can actually be a very bullish sign, anons go out of their way to fabricate lies and deliberately try to get people to sell in order to accumulate more at cheaper prices. Coordinated FUD campaigns are very real and actively bombarded projects can actually be very promising. This is known as the /biz/ IQ test, because if you fall for FUD and sell something that isn’t a scam and eventually moons, it means that you have failed the test.
  • Technical analysis: Their view on TA is very divisive. People either take it seriously and discuss charts, patterns and their probability or get ridiculed and made fun of for being ‘cringe’ and ‘unscientific’, often comparing it to the likes of astrology, reading from tea leaves or children drawings hanging on a refrigerator, implying that it has zero fundamental value.
  • There is a lot of LARPing(live action role playing): People pretending to be bears or bulls, pretending to be rich or poor, pretending to lose or make money or be something they are not. It tends to be quite obvious and it’s mostly just people being bored. A lot of them are ’NEETS’(Not in education, employment or training) so they are just looking to entertain themselves. They also take great pride in being 'NEETS', as it is more 'based' than 'wagecucking'(having a regular 9 to 5 job).

Honorable mention:

Gentlemen over at precious metals were unhappy that I didn’t mention them the first time, so I had a look…and they didn't disappoint.

  • Precious metals general/PMG/: This camp is almost their own island. If society as we know it collapses 5 minutes from now, they are ready for it. They dislike both tech stocks and crypto, saying that crypto is for cucks and will get outlawed eventually and that the tech stocks are in a bubble that will burst hard when the economy inevitably goes to shit due to inflation. They love their shiny metals as much as their guns and ammo and they own a lot of both. They see these assets as the only thing that will protect their wealth in the upcoming economic apocalypse. Some of them believe that when it does happen, their biggest payday will come as people will rush to swap everything from their plummeting crypto and tech stocks into precious metals, all while they will be sitting comfy with a loaded gun and enjoy the show.

Once again, this is by no means a 4chan hate thread, just a follow-up to my previous thread since a lot of people seemed to like the first thread. I might continue on a monthly basis if there are enough people interested.

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