The Tezos ecosystem is the 2nd biggest ecosystem in crypto?

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The Tezos ecosystem is the 2nd biggest ecosystem in crypto?

After Ethereum and perhaps Binance chain, but I dont count with that since it´s centralized. It seems this way to me. The amount of projects on Tezos are really taking off now.

Amount of devs working in the tezos ecosystem: 1500+

Wallet addresses: 1 Million+

Contract calls this month: 600,000+

Active validators: 400+

DEFI platforms: Quipuswap, Dexter, Kolibri, Tezos finance, wrap protocol, SEXP (coming soon)

NFT platforms: Hic et nunc, Kalamint, Bazaar market, opensea (coming), Tzcolors, Tezauction, Radion fm

Companies issuing STO´s on Tezos: Fundament, globacap, tzero, tokensoft, BTG pactual, vertalo, REI capital, Alliance investment, QR capital, elevated returns, Dealbox, ROI group, Societe generale, Aqarchain, Equisafe, Baanx, Andra capital, logical pictures and more.

Stable coins on Tezos token standards: USDS, Usdtz, Kusd, Euro Lugh, checker, gold and silver pegged tokens.

Token standards: Nyx standard, Fa 1.2, Fa 2

Oracles on Tezos: Harbinger, chainlink, wolfram

Decentralized identity: Spruce systems, gravity

Block explorers: Tzstats, tezblock, tzkt, Arronax, mininax

Other projects: Tezos domains, Tezdice, Homebase, Electis, werenode, Baking bad, crictez, buttonists, Envited ecosystem, kiln,

Corporate bakers: Wakam, Exaion, Ubisoft

And a lot more. There are many more projects on Tezos. It has been used by the french millitary, french and swiss local governments, city of Reno. The police in Korea is looking to use Tezos.

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