USDC poised for a huge run

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USDC poised for a huge run

I just found out about USDC, a coin backed by Coinbase, which everyone knows is poised for a huge DPO today. USDC has been at $1 for what feels like forever, but with this Coinbase DPO I am CERTAIN that the price will go on a serious run. In fact, it is called a stablecoin, which I believe is a term that comes from horse track racing, where you keep the horses in the stables until the race starts and then they run wild. This is the start of the race! Can't wait to see USDC break away today!

EDIT: wow guys, even more good news. Apparently you can stake you USDC at Coinbase for 0.15%. This is on on top of the incredible growth we are about to see! People are really missing this amazing opportunity right under their noses.

EDIT 2: I am so excited to see you jockeys jump onto the horse as it gets ready to break out of the stable. USDC got all the way up to $1.002 at one point today. What. A. Rush.

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