Question about staking ETH on exchanges

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Question about staking ETH on exchanges

Hi there,

Fairly new to the crypto scene and have been looking at different exchanges to stake some of my ETH (Binance, Kraken etc) and saw that on Binance you can both stake your ETH for the tokenised BETH at a 1:1 ratio or you can directly trade your ETH for BETH at a ratio of about 0.95:1 at the time of writing.

My question is would I need to go through the staking page on the website in order to be able to earn the rewards from BETH, or can I also earn rewards on the higher amount of BETH that I could have exchanged my ETH for just by directly trading it on the spot market.

Just seems like a bit of a loophole so thought I must be missing something!!

Also any other tips or recommendations about staking ETH is appreciated 🙂

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