I wrote an article about Ravencoin

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I wrote an article about Ravencoin

I wrote an article regarding Ravencoin on Publish0x to market RVN a little bit. For those of you who don't know Publish0x its a site where you get paid small amounts of crypto to read and write articles. I'm posting the article here as well so you can read it and perhaps give me some feedback, link to the article down below.

Ravencoin has been one of the more hyped up altcoins in recent years. Coming out at a rocky start as a fork of Bitcoin right during the bear market in 2018, Ravencoin did not get the recognition it deserves. With the current crypto-hype, ravencoin is rumored to become the new coin to ride the wave. In this article we will attempt to list the arguments pro and against Ravencoin, but first – what is unique about Ravencoin?

Ravencoin has a block reward of 5000 as opposed to Bitcoins 50, a block time of 1 minute versus Bitcoins 10, and a total coin supply of 21 billion as opposed to Bitcoins 21 million. Furthermore, the algorithm is adapted for more decentralized mining, effectively preventing ASIC miners from going after the coin.

The Pros

– Ravencoin is easy to mine – The huge supply makes this evident, the nature of the coin makes it even possible to mine even on weaker GPUs, making it one of the more obtainable altcoins that still has a value outside of speculation

– Ravencoin is more decentralized – Through the KAWPOW algorithm, ASICS and mining farms in mongolia will probably not be holding the majority of Ravencoins due to this effectively putting a break on the capabillity of such measures

– Ravencoin is used to create tokens – One of the most powerful assets of the coin, the abillity to issue tokens for buinesses for various purpouses. They can be used to represent everything from shares in a company, viritual goods, gift cards, tickets, land deeds, to shares of a company to much more. Truly a billion dollar market

– Ravencoin is fair – Yes, the original creators didn't premine a huge lump of coins to keep in their own pocket and to later cash it out but tried to balance both the algorithm and the supply so that it would become as easy to aquire and spread to as many people as possible

The Cons

– Ravencoin is easy to mine – Yes, this is also a drawback. The sheer volume of the coin risks making the supply higher than the demand and thereby making the coin unattractive to aquire. For instance, the average users with a mid-range mining set up still profit more from mining Etherium and then *buying* Ravencoin instead of mining Ravencoin directly

– Adaption of tokens requires acceptance of the coin – This is a tough nut to crack. While the potential upside is huge, a wide recognition would be required before we would see the coin being adapted at a larger scale

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