Even BTC can be shilled.

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Even BTC can be shilled.

I have been holding BTC since 2012, and I obviously have no ill will against it, but I do oppose giving it praise for something it doesn't do.

While browsing on r/bitcoin I found a post lamenting the fact that r/technology hasn't adopted bitcoin yet. In the discussion, one user quite rudely corrected another user, stating that BTC's value comes from it's underlying technology upon which apps can be built. This is obviously incorrect. I informed them that this is not true about BTC, but is true about some cryptocurrencies like ETH and ADA. Next, I got a message from the moderators that I had been banned from r/bitcoin for "spreading misinformation about shitcoins".

The thing I find interesting here is that BTC is already the penultimate cryptocurrency, and doesn't need shilling, but it would appear that an entire subreddit is dedicated to eradicating even verifiable fact if it is perceived as negative in any way.

It's an excellent reminder that this entire concept is very young, and misinformation is everywhere. This is exactly why doing your own research is so important.

Keep researching, and keep holding, friends.

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