I Bought Coffee & Donuts With Litecoin

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I Bought Coffee & Donuts With Litecoin

Over the years I've made a handful of purchases with crypto over the years, but really only a handful and only for the novelty of doing so. Well this past weekend I was going to visit a friend who recently had a baby, was going to say congratulations and see the new baby. I decided to stop for some coffee and donuts to bring over as I was heading over around breakfast time.

I stopped in at a cute little Donut Shop that was setup kind of like an old school diner with a coffee bar with some people sitting around enjoying their coffee and donuts. There were about 3 people in front of me inline, of course ordering a million donuts and one of them had a kid who took a good 10 minutes to decide what donut he wanted.

Anyhow, while I was sitting there the Donut Shop owner and a guy sitting enjoying his coffee were talking about stocks and how crazy the housing market is, eventually the discussion shifted to crypto with the owner saying he thought it was interesting but had never bought any, and the guy at the counter essentially saying its fake internet money and it's not backed by anything.

I was next in line so I kind of interjected myself into the conversation and kind of explained some of the use cases of crypto today as well as some of the benefits. I told him if nothing else, you can't tell me you have faith in the US Dollar with how much money their printing. We had a good discussion.

When it came time to pay for the Donuts I was hesitant to offer to pay in crypto, I didn't wanna be "that guy" the Evangelist asking every store owner I come across, "hey do you accept crypto". Well this was a small business and I knew it was the owner working the counter so this wasn't like asking the 16 year old cashier at Dunkin Donuts if they would take crypto. I asked the guy, "hey no worries if you don't or aren't interesting, but would you accept crypto for the donuts?"

The guy thought for a minute and said "what do you mean?" There was nobody in line behind me so we chatted for a minute, I said if you got 5 minutes we can get you setup with a wallet and I can pay you for the donuts in Litecoin. My order was less than $15 so it wasn't a huge amount of money.

I showed him my Trust Wallet and briefly explained how it worked. I told him if he wanted I'd help set him up with one and would pay him in Litecoin for the Donuts. Well sure enough he was down for it, he said heck it's only $15. We downloaded Trust Wallet, I had him write down his seed phrase while I looked away. I then had him pull up his Litecoin Wallet, I scanned his QR Code and sent him the equivalent of $15 for the donuts. A minute later the money arrived, and he seemed both surprised as well as impressed.

While I don't think he's necessarily a Convert who's going to have a "We Accept Litecoin" sign on the counter with a QR code, he did say I could pay him in Litecoin anytime I stop by and it seems he has a new interest in crypto.

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