First crypto purchase

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First crypto purchase

Today I was driving from LA to SD, with my car on Autopilot (yes I bought a new Tesla and I absolutely love it) while listening to a YouTube video on crypto currency – really trying to live in the future here fam.

Anyways, for the longest time I held off on buying ANY form of crypto-anything. I really thought it was a fad, it was too volatile, too risky etc. but after taking a little bit of time to understand the technology I decided to purchase one “coin” (or is it token?) of Ethereum.

Since I’m a new investor, I’m using the BRD app and feel like it’s quite secure. I realize I’m getting in at relative high, as it was 1/10 the price a year ago, but I really do see the value in the technology and could see it being extremely useful in the future.

I’m willing to put a certain % of my money into this technology, and others like it, and simply wanted to get any tips, tricks, ideas, or just general commentary from some like minded folks.

Thanks a lot for chiming in, I’m really looking forward to the future guys. Thanks for reading.

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