PSA: Join some coin-specific subs

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PSA: Join some coin-specific subs

People here often warn that we should stay away from coin-specific subs. That’s a bullshit attitude, and it’s costing you money.

The idea is that everyone in a coin-focused sub is a blind shill maximalist. Not true. Sure, you’ll see more of them there than on the general sub (and god knows we have too many). But there are smart, crypto-aware people everywhere. In those subs you will get all the latest news, and be exposed to new thoughts you won’t see here. The only reason not to be curious what they’re talking about is if you’re not confident of your own ability to sort the quality information from the chaff.

I joined four coin subs early this year. One quickly showed me the project didn’t have the near-future potential I was looking for, so I left it, and didn’t buy the coin. The other three have already made me thousands of dollars, at breakneck speed, and at least one will 100% make me rich in the next 3-5 years, I have little doubt.

And the striking thing about those three coins? I almost never see any of them mentioned in r/cc. This place is an echo chamber, and sticking too tightly to its boundaries is depriving you of legit opportunities.

I’m not going to mention any of the subs I joined, or their coins, because I want to keep this as general advice: If you’re curious about a coin, join its sub for a while. Be skeptical, but open-minded. If you are attentive, diligent, and just a little bit smart, you should have the confidence in yourself to critically assess the information within.

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