Update on accepting crypto payments for haircut.

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Update on accepting crypto payments for haircut.

Hi everyone, just to update you all on the latest with accepting crypto payments at my barbers. The posters have arrived and I have set them all up. I have also sent an email to all my customers with some links to exchanges like coinbase and crypto.com to use if they want to pay with crypto. I have already gotten 13 customers so far excited to pay with crypto.

Here is the image of the poster http://imgur.com/gallery/cERlO0z

I am using atomic as my main wallet. Coinbase and crypto.com as I have cards with them already plus they have easy interfaces to use. I will urge most my customers to pay with crypto that is fast and so they do not lose much in fees. But should they want to pay in btc or eth it will be up to them. I have increased my crypto payment discount to 20% now instead of 10. Again I appreciate the feedback I have received from everyone here and the support. Thank you for reading.

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