My Confession (Moons)

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My Confession (Moons)

Hello, my name is u/Username-Not-A-Bot and I’m a moon farmer. You know what, it’s time someone admits it.

In these Corona times, when there is not mutch to do, commenting on r/CryptoCurrency has become like a hobby to me.

I love to engage in conversations with people here, trying to help beginners with their crypto journey and inform them. Sometimes making people laugh with my comments (probably annoying some people here and there as well).

If I can earn Moons and make some money while doing something I enjoy, then fuck it, call me a Moon Farmer. I’m sure as hell not the only one.

EDIT: i forgot to say “unpopular opinion” and I have mentally prepared myself for the downvotes

EDIT 2: I’m actually seeing a lot of positive comments on my post. U fuckers keep surprising me.

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