Congrats to anyone who (like me) hodled XRP for the past 3-4 years!

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Congrats to anyone who (like me) hodled XRP for the past 3-4 years!

In early January 2018, I was persuaded to fomo into XRP, promised it'd make me one day rich…

Little did I know what I was about to get into, or that I was about to throw huge chunks of money too close to this shitcoin's ATH.

The following 3-4 years became all about hodling and pretty much accepting that my money was as good as lost, and that was fine, seeing as I knew the risks involved.

Today, for the first time since that trade first went into negative figures, I am seeing it turn green again, and I wanted to congratulate anyone else who like me has had the patience and endurance of hodling similar shitcoins for so long.

Never give up guys, and have a great day!

EDIT: I'm blown away by the amount of toxicity this post has received. Just to clarify a few things: I am NOT new to crypto and XRP was merely my first ever investment back in 2018, and now makes up a tiny percentage of my portfolio.

Regardless, some of the arrogance being displayed by some of these self-proclaimed "experienced" traders/investors towards anyone they deem to be new to crypto, is one of the main recurring issues I keep on coming across in this sub. Honestly, what is the point?

And, if you're new around here, don't let any of these kinds of comments disrupt your financial plans or your spirits towards the crypto community. Most people are actually very welcoming and helpful.

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