The Coinbase Mafia

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The Coinbase Mafia

It's well known that on April 14th Coinbase is having its IPO. With their recent quarter results being out of this world, it's almost a guarantee that the offering will be a huge success. We're talking about a >$100 billion market cap once the day is over.

With this kind of liquidity and over 2000 employees, we're about to see a new cohort of millionaires and billionaires get minted. This type of broad wealth generation, somewhere up to 20% of Coinbase is owned by employees, hasn't been seen since the big IPOs of Google and the like.

One special case comes to mind, where an incredible amount of tech talent and a liquidity event created a whole breed of new startups and technologies. That's, of course, PayPal. Tesla, SpaceX, Palantir, LinkedIn, YouTube, Square, Yelp, and many more were halo companies founded by the PayPal mafia directly, with hundreds more angel funded.

I bet that Coinbase will have a similar affect on the ecosystem and the newly minted Coinbase Mafia will bring in the second phase of the crypto revolution. Beyond excited!

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