Opinion: Time to sunset the “Ethereum 2.0” branding (and just call then “Ethereum upgrades”?)

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Opinion: Time to sunset the “Ethereum 2.0” branding (and just call then “Ethereum upgrades”?)

I'm sure we've all heard "Ethereum 2.0 / ETH2.0 is years away", "ETH 2.0 is Ethereum's last shot at lowering gas fees", "Competitors are delivering ETH2.0 features today", "Eth 2.0 is the next version of Ethereum", "Ethereum 2.0 is a new chain that will replace the current chain and lead to massive headaches for developers and users", so on and so forth. Of course, none of this is true, but understandable given the misleading Ethereum 2.0 branding. Danny Ryan has spoken about this vocally, and we've seen EF researchers start calling what was eth1 and eth2 application-layer and consensus-layer respectively. While this is an elegant and accurate nomenclature for developers, researchers and enthusiasts, it's still confusing to the average user and investor.

Now, I don't quite grasp the black magic that is marketing, so perhaps some of you will have a better suggestion. What we want to do is shift the narrative and just consider all of it one Ethereum, with no "next version". Instead, we have an incremental set of upgrades that are rolling out regularly in the next 2-3 years.

Arguably, the significant upgrades coming in the foreseeable future to Ethereum are rollups, EIP-1559, The Merge, data sharding, and statelessness; with several minor upgrades. As an example, even a "minor" application-layer upgrade like EIP-2929 will potentially enable a small bump in the gas limit, and thus have a greater direct impact on L1 gas than the major big upcoming consensus-layer upgrades – proof-of-stake and data sharding.

It shouldn't matter to the average user which layer of Ethereum is upgraded – only that Ethereum is being upgraded frequently and what each upgrades do.

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