My Girlfriend said Get Rid of Crypto, so I Got Rid Of Her.

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My Girlfriend said Get Rid of Crypto, so I Got Rid Of Her.

I was with her for 2 years, and honestly, before crypto trading, my life was really boring.

I work a regular 9-5 barely making bills on time. I'm not saving anything ever, and my only hobbies is her, all she wants to do is watch movies, and I get that. That's not the issue with her, I really don't like judging people.

About this time last year after talking with a friend, I decided to make an investment into crypto with only $1000. I know that's small beans for most people but It was everything I saved in 4 months. I told her about it, and she was a bit upset that I wasted my money but she got over it.

Now I have about $10,000 IN CRYPTO

  • it's very exciting.

  • already cashed out my initial investment

  • cashed out an additional $1000

  • I put $2000 of my long term aside for day trading.

  • I'm on over 12 exchanges

  • I'm able to make an extra $300 a week playing lower cap coins.

I've honestly never had so much money in my life, and I'm much happier! Crypto is a real hobby and investment at the same time.

But for the past couple months since the Doge frenzy, My girlfriend is Super Paranoid about it, and doesn't understand anything. She keeps telling me not to buy into the meme coin thing even though I told her I never have.

She keeps

  • telling me if I don't take out I'm gonna lose all my money

  • telling me to take it all out so we can go on a big vacation.

  • telling me it's an addiction and maybe I should stop and see someone about it

Now her latest thing is telling me what I'm doing is hurting the environment.


I must of told her at least 7 times I can't lose my money because I already cashed out a 100% profit, and I'm starting to cash out an additional $200-300 a week swing trading … and the rest doesn't matter as it's long term.

Her response? That's not gonna last forever

Who cares if it lasts forever or not. I'm good, I never lost, so it doesn't even matter, and that extra wouldn't even be there if I listened to her to stop a few months ago .

But anyway I just figured maybe she misses spending time with me at nights. Woman are very hard to figure out.

So I decided to do something nice the other day.

  • I bought her few orchids. (Not the crypto Orchid…the actually flowers).

  • I bought very expensive food to cook, and wine. (With my crypto earnings)

  • I bought her a new bag for the gym (Here's was starting to rip on the side) I bought that to with my earnings.

I spent ALL DAY yesterday preparing and cooking a meal so I could have it ready by the time she gets home from work

We actually had a good time. She was smiling and so happy I did all that for her, we talking about nothing too. It was perfect. We were tipsy, and at the end just as the meal was finished I decided maybe this was a good time to make some moves on her later…

But before she finished…she just couldn't help her self?

She ended the whole thing with *I really wish you would stop playing on those crypto apps* 

And then we got into a little picker over it.

I was SOOOO PISSED! I Felt like the entire mood was killed and everything I did to make a good mood was just nullified.

So yesterday I simply gathered all my stuff up this morning, went to the bank and withdrew that $1000 profit, I left it on the table for her with a note that said "you wanted to use my crypto earnings for vacation…now you can without me"

I also changed my number, and today I'm driving to another state to look at a house to rent.. funny thing is, the rent is 1/3 of the price that we were paying here in the city.

  • Now I have the luxury of exploring other jobs without worrying about going broke for rent.

  • Now I can enjoy trading crypto without hearing it from someone that wants to control my life. FUCK THAT!

NOTE: what my investment in alts go up another 12x? That's over $100K that's enough for a down payment on a house and will cover 4 years of mortgage payments. It might not get there but what if it does? And if not , what's my loss? Doubled my initial investment? Back to working like I always do? There's everything to win and nothing to lose for me. I'm glad I left.

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