It’s been 6 fcking Months!

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It’s been 6 fcking Months!

We are nearing the end of the month.

For all of you staring at those charts right now, please click on the "M", no not that "m" minute chart you are all so emotional about going up and down, the M of Monthly chart.

I'm looking at daddy Bitcoin, but I'm sure your favorite alt looks similar: 6, Six beautiful massive green candles! Can you believe it's been half a year? I'm sick of all the negativity once we dip a percent or 10, this cannot be said enough, ZOOM THE FUCK OUT.

We should be in massive ecstasy, it's an absolute amazing time to be into crypto, please remember that. It feels so "normal" right now, but it's just madness if you think about where we were 6 months ago.

Let us celebrate 6 months of bull market!

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