Ravencoin core long term holding help

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Ravencoin core long term holding help

I currently plan on holding my raven for quite a long time as I see it's potential to be huge. My question is as ravencoin upgrades overtime and possibly the ravencoin core updates, what is the best corse of action to safely store my ravens long term. I currently have my 12 word phrase saved and even my private key saved. Is there a way to loose access to my wallet if for say I don't install it on computers for a long time. And 5 years from now I go to install ravencoin core again and restore my wallet with my original phrase? Will that be all I need to have access to my raven?

I remember hearing that the phrase used to be only 6 words long. But let's say for example the 12 word phrase that I originally made for this becomes a 16 word phrase that people will need to create. Will my 12 word phrase still work to restore my wallet?

Thanks again for the help 🙏.

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