Banks are already obsolete

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Banks are already obsolete

Hear me out,

Today I went to my bank (RBC) and tried to take out my own money so I could buy a vehicle from a local online ad. Not only will they not let me take out enough money but they wont let me e-transfer enough either. The only option they would give me is a bank draft which the seller is too sketched out by and will not accept.

I can move 100x more value in less than a minute via crypto but if I try to do anything like that with my bank the reaction time drops from <min to 24hrs or more IF You're LUCKY.

Moral of the story is, if both I and my seller were using crypto I would have my vehicle right now and he would have his money. Or my bank could just be competent at their ONE FUCKING JOB!

I will end with a prayer,

Be NOT fearful of the chaos, but HODL strong to the chain

Keep thy keys both Safe and Secret,

Yield not to the cries of FUD and FOMO, but

Gather thy patience for it is most precious,

And strive ever forward with the downfall of the middleman

In all his shapes and forms, that we may be free unto ourselves


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