2Miners mystery Follow-up

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2Miners mystery Follow-up

2Miners mystery Follow-up

Today I have the logs and screen cap from the 2Miners stats page. This is what bothers me… on the stats page it says the worker goes offline even though it communicated recently and the page says it communicated recently. If you look down by the shares they are more than an hour old. Typical, right? No. I have the logs. You can see the worker submitted shares that were accepted well within that time window and there are others that don't show up. I captured this data more than an hour and a half after the log says shares were submitted.

This would all just be noise overall except the general trend is resulting in less production and on its face it looks like shares that are being turned in by the worker are not being counted.

I'm going to let it run and we will likely see no work being counted during this dead timeframe and shares will begin showing up again with a huge gap in between that don't match the log.

Who knows, maybe I'm just clueless?



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