My Mom outdid me…

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My Mom outdid me…

So my Mum doesn't even know how to text properly or use more than 2 fingers on a keyboard at one time. Yet, she listened to me and believed me through my years of crypto ramble from 2015 till now.
"it can't not be the future", "halving is real", "buy when it's down 70%, here coincap shows you when".

I found out today, she's turned $500 into $10,000 since 2018. I told her "just gamble on whatever is in the top 20, better than those scratch it tickets." She listened and did so and she has not seen a loss on any investment, an entire green portfolio. Meanwhile I troll news/pages daily looking for my next quick earn and I can assure you I've never profited in the way she 'accidently' has…

Crypto is bizarre, beautiful and confusing. I love it and need to learn to listen to myself more often.
Whilst I margin trade my silly coins chasing immediate wins, she diamond handed my original sentiment and idea. Congrats Mum, this is just the beginning.

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