Info regarding moons and how to earn them.

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Info regarding moons and how to earn them.

Since we are many new people here i thought this would be good for the new people to know regarding moons.

Basically you earn moons from Karma once a month but there is a few things that determine how much you will earn.

Edit: Forgot the most important part! If you are on the reddit app go to your profile and activate the Moon vault!

Iirc you can only do it on the app and you have 6 months to claim your moons in the vault.

Post Karma – Each upvote/downvote has 1 karma, unless it is a meme or media, then it is 10%.

Comment Karma – Each comment upvote/downvote gets 2 karma since the there was a proposal to make comments give 2x karma that passed.

Karma limit – limit of 1000 karma per post or comment.

When do you get the moons? – Moons are distributed every 4 weeks

What is the current ratio? – The ratio normaly get lower each month for an example last one was 0.42 which means 1 Karma equals to 0.42 moons, the one before that was 0.52 and the one before that was 0.87.

Proposal regarding moons that got accepted.

20% bonus : If you don't move out your moons, you get +20% on next distribution.

5% voting bonus : This one is passed but not official yet. If you vote on proposals, you'll get +5% on next distribution.

You can also look up moons on Coingecko ( )

To see how much they are worth and where they are listed, and the total supply of moons that will be released (out of 250m around 60 is 'released')

Edit: The ratio is dynamic and don't necessary have to get lower but considering it went lower the last 5-6 month i assume it will continue get lower.

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