Can we get real about Optimism, please?

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Can we get real about Optimism, please?

Hear me out. Just over a month ago, Optimism blogged that they hired all this new talent and that they would be launching mainnet instead of the public testnet this march.

Also, back in September, Optimism blogged their roadmap and informed that synthetix, uniswap, and chainlink would be integrated onto the testnet so they would be ready to go when mainnet was, stating "we will be preparing some of our other early adopters for testnet integrations so that they are ready to deploy once the full testnet is running."

Then we learn the other day that Optimism is delayed. Interestingly, when recently asked on Discord why Optimism needed to wait until they (synthetix, uniswap, chainlink) were ready, Jinglan said:

"We especially want things like token bridges, infrastructure providers, block explorers, multisigs, wallets, etc. to be ready for launch so people can use L2 as safely as possible . . . [i]n order for a project to upgrade safely, we need to integrate a multisig prior to launch. Other things in this category include oracles, indexers, etc."

Just wow. And chainlink hasn't deployed anything yet?! Notably, Chainlink already has price feeds on xDai and their oracles are ready as well (with documentation). But were told Chainlink was an "integration partner, but for the last 6 months they've done basically nothing? No price feeds. Not even oracles? Amazing.

Soooo just barely a month ago, Jinlang and company didn't have any idea that mainnet wouldn't be ready in March? That Chainlink, an integration partner doesn't even have price feeds, but that mainnet would be ready in March? They didn't even have block explorers or wallets ready? Lol. Smh.

I understand that projects get delayed, but this is pretty alarming. How can we possibly trust or rely on anything Optimism says at this rate? This whole situation is unfortunate and unacceptable at this point. It's no wonder xDai and polygon are eating into Ethereum's market share. Jinglan, can you get it together please?

P.S. I love ETH and have been hodling since 2017. I'm just pissed at the lack of urgency surrounding L2 solutions and and how this is panning out.

EDIT: downvote me all you want, still doesn't change the facts of the matter. Jinglan said it, not me.

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