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Apps To Earn Crypto

I am relatively new to all of this, and I have not had spare money to buy crypto, so I have had to rely on stuff like moons in this subreddit, tips, faucets, drops, and apps to earn bits of free crypto here and there. I wanted to mention some of the apps I have used and see if you all had others that you recommend. I have an Android, so I do not know if these are on Apple or not.

Quicrypto and TipNano

These two are similar in that they both allow you to earn crypto through watching ads, doing surveys, or using other apps/playing games. They do have slight differences. In Quicrypto you accumulate generic points, which can be redeemed for Nano or Bitcoin. TipNano only allows you to get Nano and has a longer initial setup, however it also has a faucet within the app that you use every couple of hours, and you get small bonuses for opening the app daily.

Quicrypto has a Piggy Bank that appears to be a one time deal (if you can activate it again, I do not know how.) It accumulates bonus points until you break it open.

Some of the offers they use include Playtime Offers, which reward you for playing games. You download mobile games and get rewarded just for having the app open, though there is a diminishing return. At first, new apps reward you every few minutes, but that increases gradually until you are getting nothing until the app has been open for an hour or two.

I believe Theorem Surveys and InBrain Surveys seem like decent survey sites that give rewards even if you don't qualify for a survey, so your time doesn't feel wasted.


WeNano is like a super simplified Pokemon Go. There are spots on a real world map. If you are within range, you can enter the spot and get Nano. However, the app seems to be a bit slow, in my experience.

While there are not currently many spots available, if you zoom out, click on the filter, and turn off everything except Show Special, you should be able to find one or two large spots that you fit in. There is a World spot just NW of Hawaii that you can claim daily. And many countries or continents have a spot as well. I know the US has a weekly spot, as does Central America.

Bitcoin games by Bling

Bling has made 5 pretty basic mobile games (Bitcoin Blocks, Food Fight, Solitaire, Blast, and Pop) that reward points that can be redeemed for very small amounts of Bitcoin on Coinbase. Your account can be connected to all of the games, so you can see your total number of points. You can redeem them for Bitcoin once per week. The games have a stamina system, and your "lives" refill every 12 hours. From what I can tell, points are not awarded based on performance in the game. It kinda seems random.

Bitcoin Food Fight seems like the fastest app if you aren't interested in any of the games themselves, but it is pretty repetitive.

You end up having to watch a lot of ads.

Merge Cats and Merge Dragons

By Sergey Zasorin in the app store. Both of them say Earn Crypto Reward or Earn Cryptocurrency after the name. These games are exactly the same with a different skin. They are super simple. They award a crypto called SOUL, which seems to currently be worth about 0.34 dollars per 100 SOUL. They seem to be working on another game. I have not tried to redeem or trade this currency, yet, so I do not know how smooth the process is. It seems you can stake on their website if you get up to 50,000 SOUL.

I tried a couple other apps like Crypto Connect 3 that awards Phoneum and Green Karma but was not really impressed with either one.

TLDR: These apps do not rake in currency, but if you are bored or waste time with shitty mobile apps anyway, you might be interested? Or maybe you have a recommendation with more promise?

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