All gamers should mine ravencoin

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All gamers should mine ravencoin

I wanted to share with you a recent thought about ravencoin, and quickly explain why every gamer should let their pc mine ravencoin.

The amount of ravencoin to be mined remains large, and the upcoming havling will multiply the difficulty of mining. But the new algorithm could potentially cause profitability problems for mining farms, as it would require excessive investment and maintenance costs.

If gamers understood the importance of mining ravencoin when they are not using their computers, it would allow for maximum decentralization of wealth creation, while increasing the availability of rvn, making it a potentially more usable and attractive medium of exchange in practice.

In my opinion, although the principle of tokenization is interesting, it is not the main strength of this crypto. Its main strengths are the difficulty of creating a mining farm and the maximum amount that will be available.

I have noticed for a few weeks that the marketing aspect concerning this crypto is regularly raised, and that there is still a lot of progress to make. This is normal, being a community project.

I was thinking we could join the slack channel proposed by Aaron or create a special channel on discord to organize "raids" on gamers twitch channels, where we will all come together to convince an influencer of the usefulness of mining RVN. What do you think about it?

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