Mini mining setup

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Mini mining setup

Hello friendly people,

First sorry for my English, I'm not native.

Since a few days i have a 600 watt solar system at my balcony that is producing around 3kwh nowadays at a sunny day. I'm just using maybe half of it for my household, the other part is a free gift to my power company. I do not get any money for that.

So I planned to build a small mining rig because I don't want to waste the power and also I'm curious about mining.

I planned to buy a cheap Mainboard with 10 Watt celeron CPU (j1900 or j3455) as I have experience with these boards because of building a nas. Additionally I want to reasonable graphic card for mining. Due the crazy prices by now I'm checking for older gpu and I found a good offer for 750ti 4gb for around 80usd or an k2200 for 50usd. When I check the hash rate for the k2200 it's not showing rvn, but the 750ti does.

Does this mean the k2200 is not capable of mining rvn? Is there any other card to recommend?


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