Youtubers arent the only scammers, Twitter is full of them too

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Youtubers arent the only scammers, Twitter is full of them too

Youtubers arent the only scammers, Twitter is full of them too

There's been a few great posts exposing BitBoy and a few other youtubers, well I just wanna use this opportunity to shed some light on a Twitter account by the name of CryptoWhale

Ive seen his posts EVERYWHERE, people share his tweets all the time, to the naked eye hes spitting straight fax, but if you try to dig in even one layer deep, you instantly realize how much he lies just to make a better post

Exhibit A.

a since deleted archive of his old tweet

Here we have a CryptoWhale, attempting to call the bottom (and failing) during the March crash, urging his followers to Buy.

Exhibit B.

Here we have him, telling his followers, that it's their fault if they decide to buy when someone else is screaming at them to buy

and FYI, this was right after he made this tweet

Exhibit C.

Could not find any records of tweets during the dates in the picture btw

Here, he claims to seen the Covid crash coming since december till february

Yet, this was him, just a few days before he supposedly called the recession

Exhibit no. I lost count

To a naked eye, it looks like he was right, and that he caught the exact top, well, if you actually examine the first tweets chart you realize he was nowhere close to the top (and it has recovered since then, meaning there wasnt a single moment in time you would've been in profit if you shorted when he made the original tweet)

actual price during tweet

These misleading circles are actually a trademark of his, he has blatantly lied about things and has gone as far as to hide timestamps for some screenshots to make it seem like hes right, even his giveaways are suspicious as hell considering every single winner has had 0 post history, not even a simple "yay thank you for the giveaway"

TLDR; CryptoWhale is a liar, dont trust his tweets blindly

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