will be ETH 2.0 a new coin or will be the same ETH?

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will be ETH 2.0 a new coin or will be the same ETH?

I'm very confused with all this new ETH 2.0. so I have some very specific questions I hope somebody can help me.

1- when the fork happen we will have 2 different coins like happen in the pass with ETC and ETH?

2- what happen with my current ETH if I have 1 ETH will still be ETH or will be ETH 2.0? will be duplicated so now I will have 1 eth in each coin?

3- Will my current ETH start to earn by using POS automatically if I have it in a ledger or Coinbase etc..?

4- I read that some miners pools are trying to fight this changes. are they going to be able to keep mining the "old" ETH?

5- when this is really happening? I read that some changes are in April others in July and others in October. but I cannot find a simple roadmap and how are we going to be affected.

6- this is speculation. Do you think that the price of ETH will go down when the change is close?

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