We Talk YouTubers Now! – Benjamin Cowen and CoinBureau.

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We Talk YouTubers Now! – Benjamin Cowen and CoinBureau.

Since this subreddit already talked about clown of YouTube’s cryptocurrency sphere (you know who, I will not be giving him any cloud anymore) we have to look atleast in short and simple on my 2 favourites (and yours probably too!) I believe you know these channels already, but if not, give them a chance !


Many of you already heard this name before. He is straight up, not trying to mislead you, no bullshit. He explains everything well, and is not trying to push some agenda other than his ow merch. He highlights both, good and bad things about particular project. He openly shares his methodology which he is using in his analysis. No frills, no nonsense. He is not some financial advisor.

Yeah, he is using clickbaitish titles in some way, freaky thumbnails etc. But that’s how YouTube algorithm works. Sad. IMO: If he wouldn’t use them he would be sitting in the dark with few hundreds subs, but what counts, is that he gives honest info and stresses DYOR everytime. CoinBureau is knowledgeable and professional. Unbiased information and no blind predictions. That’s who CoinBureau is. I definitely recommend him for beginners!

“Not everyone wants to sit and read a detailed 2,000 or 3,000 word written review on crypto projects. Nowadays, people are busy and have limited time, so we thought we’d make crypto education even more accessible by creating a YouTube channel and condensing our lengthy research findings into easy to understand 10-minute videos.”CoinBureau

Benjamin Cowen

A guy who gives some decent macro perspective and doesn’t coat his words in sweet sugar. Provides mostly Technical Analysis. No over shilling, no bullshit “new project” type shot. Math based guy. Objective looks to provide us newbies, current market conditions that can help our framework and decision making.

That’s who is. His style doesn’t fit for beginners at all. More like an intermediate one. As he said, he is trying to be more risk-averse and get people to move in when the risk is low so they can reap the rewards later on. Those who chase manic bubbles, can lose lot of money – “BC”. He doesn’t chase micro trends.

You can jump into his channel and get a feel for the current market without going through fluff. Conservative and consistently accurate. As someone said: “You just can’t go wrong with this dude”

I want people to understand that there is a way to navigate these markets that does not involve betting the family farm at the worst possible time. I have seen a lot of people lose money in crypto over the years, because they jump into the market at local peaks, get discouraged, and leave. Then they repeat the same mistakes the next time bitcoin makes headlines.Benjamin Cowen

Take everything with a grain of salt, and DYOR.

These guys are both legit, when it comes to leaning on someone when you need to find motivation, tips, advices on point.

You should definitely check them out!

Have a nice day!

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