Please Be Aware That You Are Buying Into Hype and Speculations

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Please Be Aware That You Are Buying Into Hype and Speculations

I wanted to remind everyone that "fundamentals & partnerships" are memes for a reason and especially in a bullrun.

Ive been here since the end of 2017 and let me tell you during the bear market from 2018-2020 we would be lucky to get 2-3k comments in the daily. I know its hard to resist FOMO when you see all of these new, game-changing updates to your favorite alts, but just think for a second about what happened during the bear market? I try to think back and can't recall thinking "oh wow so much development is happening despite bitcoin being at 4k" it was just "oh shit is this the end" because at the end of the day BTC is the big daddy. These alt coins seem to magically ceased all development and somehow just decided to release all of their next generation updates during a bull market.

Anyways, the point of this post is just to remind everyone that don't get married to a coin, be aware that everything you see is essentially hype, and fundamentals don't really exist right now in the crypto market because if it did BTC wouldn't have the dominance that it does.

Be careful out there and of course, only invest in what you are willing to lose.

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