Got bad habits? You’re in for some free money to invest. Here is my little story.

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Got bad habits? You’re in for some free money to invest. Here is my little story.

I really think that crypto is a fascinating and promising topic, so here's how it helped me.

I know: what I'm gonna tell you could be different for you. But why should you think you're worse than me? In fact, you are not. It may even be easier for you.

Swapping bad habits for good ones is simple as it sounds: you gradually slide from doing something bad for you into doing something beneficial.

Usually, the greater the motivation / result coming from the new habit, the better the chance to keep on doing it, while leaving the bad one behind.

Me some months ago:

  • Smoking? Not too much, but still, check.
  • Binge eating? Holy f***, huge check.
  • Buying product I didn't use much? Check

Here is the simple reasoning that let me improve my well-being and save money to invest in crypto: Binge eating, smoking… at the end of the day, what remains? Sh*t and ashes. Literally.

It was like losing money using leverage, since those habits also negatively impacted my health (somehow, I was losing more than 100% of the capital invested).

I already realized it, but needed a little motivation to stop doing that.

And then, a simple thought kicked in: since I'm losing 100% of my money in those useless (and harming) habits, why not start investing 100% of that money into crypto instead?

What could happen? Lose everything? Hell, I was already burning all of that with a 100% fail ratio. It's incredibile how much money you save when you stop bad habits.

Now growing a nice portfolio, without any concern. I may make profits. I may not.

Who cares, I'm already in the green.

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