A moment of silence for the 2021 bagholders

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A moment of silence for the 2021 bagholders

I'd like to take a moment to think about the poor souls who are soon to commit themselves to 3-4 years of major struggle.

Later this year as the bull run gathers momentum and FOMO kicks into high gear, more and more new money will enter the space.

It's easy for those of us already here to think that most people know what's going on by now, but they don't. A fraction of the future crypto investors have even considered purchasing it. And that's not even considering real world use and adoption. New money will be arriving for decades.

As the green candles accelerate towards the moon, the astronomical price will hit the tabloid front pages again, and the only people still buying will by the uninitiated, the misinformed, the greedy and the confused. We've seen it play out twice already. Many members of this sub were one of those people.

For me to take profit near the top, someone needs to buy it from me, and that unprepared individual will do so with gusto. They'll have Lambos in their eyes and a fancy new Coinbase account (yes yes, HODL, super cycle and all that, I've got bills to pay).

They will buy. The market will peak and turn south. The 2017 surprised Pikachu faces will return again.

We probably have many months to go, but I'd like to take a minute to feel sorry for the people we'll see arriving here at the end of this year with some VERY heavy bags, heavier hearts, and questions that need answering. We will have sold them those coins.

In return for helping us secure our gains, we should welcome them, educate them, console them and help them carry those bags into the next cycle, as those before have done for us. They are the future members of this community that will help us grow the blockchain economy.

What a time to be alive.

EDIT: for clarity, I have a good stack and always DCA. I'll take some profit and carry on. Some do, some don't, each to their own.

EDIT EDIT: I'm actually surprised by the hostile view some of you have toward selling the top or taking profit. Some of us don't just invest our play money, because we don't have much money at all. These are our savings. Sure, timing the market is impossible, but after DCAing over a four year cycle, being in the rough ballpark of the top will make major returns. Some of us need to upgrade something in the house, or upgrade a vehicle sometimes. Selling 10% (or whatever) at the end of each rally to improve your quality of life is a perfectly reasonable approach IMHO.

EDIT EDIT EDIT: Yes, Bitcoin is cyclical based on mining reward halvings every 4 years(ish). The rally will have a top, they always do. We don't know where the top is but we can make a semi-educated guess. You can learn about it here and here, or see it in action here. This is just one model, and things may change in the future, but so far it hasn't put a foot wrong so I think it's worth people learning about.

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