Why Ethereum is still Underrated

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Why Ethereum is still Underrated

Ethereum is still greatly undervalued. I know its hard to imagine the coin with the 2nd largest market cap is undervalued. So hear me out

The Ethereum Virtual Machine has the legacy advantage
Replacing existing software is one of the hardest things to do, and Ethereum being first has the most dAPP support, in fact over 3,000 dapps. As other businesses begin to adopt blockchain technology they will go with the easiest and most secure option, which the Ethereum chain provides.

Financial Derivatives will prop up value alone

Banks are notoriously slow, as many of the people here are aware. ETH 2.0 will allows the creation of ETH "Bonds" based off staking and the proven history will provide investors with more confidence than newer blockchains. ETH bonds, and other financial derivatives will then come. Once Wallstreet can collect a fee for selling people ETH bonds they will do so relentlessly, It also provides a hedge against ADA and IOTA, which while I agree will be good projects, people will use ETH to bet against them.

Gas fees are leading to undervaluation

Current gas prices are hindering adoption, but they won't stay this high for long and should they drop they able to use the ETH blockchain to secure cloud information will be very tempting. Cloud computation is one of the most rapidly growing industries, the idea of paying your employees or clients out in ETH via automated secured smart contracts will be too tempting for some. Cloud hack after cloud hack ETH provides cowardly businesses the sound of mind they need, unlike smaller chains which a 51% attack is considerably easier on. Lower Gas fees mean ETH will move into competition with cloud companies as a "premium" option to pay for extra security and piece of mind.

TL;DR – Don't downvote because it isn't ADA or IOTA, ETH has its place as the leader of the smart contract space and is still undervalued. I think the reasons above should place Ethereum much higher given the intrinsic value of Ether in compute, and the legacy of Ethereum being a proven project.

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