LABS is Launching on March 15, 2021 on Uniswap. Claim Your Giveaway Today!

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LABS is Launching on March 15, 2021 on Uniswap. Claim Your Giveaway Today!

It is undeniable that the real estate sector is ripe for a major revamping. There are high ticket prices for entry, majorly obstructing comprehensive inclusion to this segment. Presented with the opportunity to innovate, LABS Group has introduced an ecosystem built on top of the blockchain technology, making real estate infinitely more liquid, inclusive, and accessible for investment. Those who have thought that investing in off-shore properties via a REIT is not within their capabilities can now take the route via LABS token to invest in international properties of their choice. LABS has already seen massive interest from VCs, investment firms, and regular users alike, already raising over $2 million in funds through their NFT auction. Below, we will get into some of the reasons LABS is superior to all other current real estate investment options.

Why Should Someone Invest in LABS?

To make real estate portfolios inclusive across all income groups and nationalities, LABS Group has introduced a fractional investment concept to benefit users. Utilizing this new framework, anyone can get involved starting with as little as $100 to buy property in various premiere locations worldwide. That being said, if you have a few thousand dollars to invest, you can diversify your real estate investments via LABS token for a compounding yield across the globe. Something that was previously only possible via REITs with high entry prices, LABS Group has reduced them to a fraction of the cost for more inclusiveness for all. On top of this, LABS’s IDO will also bring a slew of other benefits for their investors and early adopters.

How Early Adopters Benefit

LABS Group IDO will be launched on March 15, 202110:30AM UTC, on the Uniswap DEX. Anyone can stake their ETH in the MANTRA DAO staking pool and claim the LABS LP token following the launch. These LP tokens will be used for participating in a lucky draw where token holders can win a luxury resort property in Thailand, iPhone 12 Pro, or Home Pode Minis. On top of this, winners of the real estate hotel property can also let-out or rent their property for gains from tenants, increasing the value of this already amazing prize. Considering LABS Group has already partnered with Bitmart, Oriental Pearls, Black Manta, Centrifuge, and Enjin, these prime names in the blockchain space have evoked further trust in this real estate token project. In collaboration with some of the most prominent networks in the distributed ledger technology space, LABS is preparing to introduce a platform that can fundamentally change how the real estate investment industry is viewed.