Transferring wETH to ETH

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Transferring wETH to ETH

Hey everybody,

I'm pretty new to all of this Krypto- and NFT-Stuff, so maybe I'm just missing an obvious thing.

I tried bidding on some NFTs via Rarible. I transferred 0.306 ETH from my "MEW Wallet" to wETH (Raribles Bidding currency). Since my bid failed, I now want to transfer those back to ETH into my Wallet. I tried doing this and it always fails. I can click the Button to transfer back, I set the amount (I also tried transferring less), and confirm the transaction within the app of MEW. But then it shows an error every time, even though i confirmed and verified it within the app.

MEW: 0.001 ETH Rarible: 0.306 wETH

Is it because of the fees? Are those withdrawn from my Wallet and theres just not enough ETH on it? I thought the fees are withdrawn from my transferred amount. What can I do to get my ETH back?

Thanks for your help!

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