Crypto has made me so damn healthy.

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Crypto has made me so damn healthy.

First I stopped smoking weed. I had other reasons I wanted to quit as well, but forcing myself to look at the monthly cost, pushed me over the edge. I'm not gonna smoke up my yacht, damnit.

A couple of weeks later, once the worst fiending had subsided, I managed to kick nicotine use altogheter, which honestly had gone up considerably after stopping the herb. I quit cold turkey, but awarded myself any and all 'prizes' that could give some dopamine – mostly sugar.

Now I was hooked on sugar, snacking and munching on anything all day everyday. Managed to quit the sugar snacks by substituting with bigger meals and fruits and nuts. Nuts are way more expensive than sugar, but I considered it an investment long term.

Got a bit too hooked on sodas, so started making sure I always had nice, cold water on bottle nearby. Honestly took no time to get used to this, then enjoying it, and now sodas are almost yucky in comparison. As a nice bonus effect, my coffee use is almost gone. I only drank at work so not saving money on this, just a nice health benefit. This has had a huge impact on overall mood, energy and quality of sleep, which again has a compounding effect on every other facet of my life – including my sex life, wink wink.

My biggest challenge to date, kicking junk food. Cravings for nice fatty food, plus not having to plan, shop and cook, made this a challenge. I'm still working on it, but ordering way less takeaway now, and instead just prepare food I can use as leftovers for a few days. Still not very healthy though, but oh well.

Lastly, I cut down impulse buying and online shopping, like realising I dont need every new PS5 game when I have a stacked library of unplayed/unfinished shit. I did allow myself to splurge on a drone, as I considered it an investment in something I can sink a lot of time into, and also for mental health reasons so I dont just rot in front of Netflix, and get some new interests and fresh air. Learing editing now and it's really awarding. Maybe one day I can earn some coins on my content or service, but for now I just enjoy the ride and sharing with friends.

I went through my bank statement and killed off a bunch of dumb subscriptions – HBO, amazon prime etc – that I kept out of convenience/lazyness, and didnt feel was money cause it was just a few bucks a month. I started planning a bit before shopping so I make sure to get the most possible on sale, and changed store so I could earn reward points. I went from bussing to biking everywhere, again saving a bunch and also boosting my exercise and mood.

Now I can go literal days without spending a dime, and it feels fantastic. Knowing that every dollar I save can be worth 10x that down the line, is dopamine triggering and basically a drug in itself. And the joy of having a solid surplus at the end of the month that I can splurge on Binance, is beyond satisfying. Even if they all go to zero, my life is significantly improved in more ways than I can count.

I love this tech, coin and community so much. Thanks for listening, great advice, encouragment and the shitposts.

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