The “art” people that NFTs have attracted are some of the worst and dumbest people I’ve ever interacted with.

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The “art” people that NFTs have attracted are some of the worst and dumbest people I’ve ever interacted with.

I'm not going into any extreme detail for privacy reasons.

Long story short I work at a MSP and my boss knows my background with crypto and mining. He got the plug on some Dell OEM RTX cards, we setup a small 6 card rig, life is good. He loves it, I loved the project, and it's some spare cash being made. However, it's now the hot scoop in our little town that we can setup mining rigs and everyone wants one. No problem, you pay for the parts, we setup them up.

Through all this happening one of our clients has a client that's very involved in the art and music space and wants to hit it big with NFTs. It's gotten to the point that we're having meetings with attorneys and shit to get the legal stuff worked out, they want to add me to a LLC where I get a 5% cut, etc. I just don't like any of this at all. I work a full time job at the MSP and then run an online gun shop when I get home. I barely have any time for myself as it is, I don't need another project. But this isn't the worst…

These artists are some of the dumbest and ignorant people I've ever met. They think that because they've sold art for $2,000 a print they can create a $2,000 NFT and are absolutely baffled when nobody is bidding on it. We tried setting them up on WAX using AtomicHub since that seemed like the easiest to understand. Make a wallet, inside the wallet it gives you links to purchase WAX with a credit card, bid/buy NFTs with WAX, little to no gas, instant transactions. They stated that was too hard to understand and "Other artists are using Rarible and OpenSea". We have a meeting with them tomorrow to show them how it works and I know it's going to be a shit show.

TL:DR: I'm ranting because I was having fun mining a little, taking some chances with shit coins, and trading some deadmau5 NFTs. Now I have to deal with dumbass art people that want to be even richer than they are that don't know jack shit about crypto but they heard NFTs are hot and want to make money now.

PS, I think NFTs are dumb as fuck and I'm only trading them right now because WAX is fucking mooning.

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