Sent some Ethereum today

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Sent some Ethereum today

So I’m a Hodler, I NEVER cut loose of anything, but for the sake of simplicity my brother gave my daughter a check at college and he said he’s cool with 2 ETH (since his wife holds the checkbook)

Knowing everyone is talking about gas prices I asked him what gas costs and his answer was 157. Not knowing what that meant I just said “Is that .0157 ETH?

His answer was “a wei is 1 trillionth of a ETH so a Gigawei is .001”. After a 5th beer mental calculation I found the real answer was YES.

But It got me thinking, why do we have to make it so nerdy? Why do I have to make trillionth and millionth mental calculations during dinner just to send a few grand? 90% of the population forgot how to do an algebraic equation how can we expect them feel comfortable with transferring ETH.

(Yes I know ETH is not really a personal payment method, but he is an ETH nerd and that was agreeable with me as a hodler)

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