Moons paid for my children’s pizza night and clothes (predeleted by mod)

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Moons paid for my children’s pizza night and clothes (predeleted by mod)

((I dont know why but original post was delwtws by automoderator…I have no clue why but im reposting for visibility and to inspire people to interact in this sub even more, more love to everyobe and more growth to the sub!))

“First of all I want to thank all of you cryptocurrency ladies and gentlemen who welcomed me to this community about a month ago. I was baffled by the positive welcome I got and help from you all!

Through a period of time I accumulated about 700 moons through interactions with you lovely people and by helping other people who had “stuck” moons vault in a bug that’s been pestering us for a while or simply just random posts.

Recently I decided to try and withdraw the moons and convert them to NANO through that often talked about site. I sent the NANO to my exchange and through there converted to FIAT. (I know it’s not the most optimal way to convert but I was scared to lose them in the process.)

Only with moons I treated my kids with 2 big pizzas and even bought T-shirt, cozy pullover, socks for my little dude and a warm jacket with a scarf for my daughter who had my old one. All that from moons!!! And the best part is telling my kids what I used to pay for all that. Moons!!! I am feeling like we finally live in the future I imagined as a kid when I saw Stallone’s “Demolition Man” in the cinemas. What a time to live in!

I cannot wait what future brings us but I have a pretty good feeling about it. We deserve to control our money without banks and institutions trying to leech off us hard workers.

I love you all”

Please automod dont delete this now , it doeant violate anything. :’(

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